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Titel: Hello dear community (Geman text was: Zur Sprache bringen) Erstellt von: elcotek

Hello dear community,

I know I do not have the best reputation since I closed my servers but I want to clarify things:

I am working for more than ten years on this project, it took me a lot of time, patience and also, partly, my health.

I have been an enthusiastic DaoC player from 2001 to 2008. I did not want to attract much attention but to have fun at the game, yeah many hours of entertainment and memorys I bear in mind since then.

So I began to to create my own World, before the EU DAoC Servers were taken down. I wanted to keep these past memories from vanishing.

I joined the dol-project, I kept track of it and began to use and edited it so that it was more like my expectations of daoc.

There were a few points which were important to me:

1. Custom: No-Go for me, I wanted the server to be as much original as possible for which reason I customized the server source, meaning that:
I have reprogrammed many functions, self made scripts, implemented new ones and tested every single one, most of it alone and without help from outside.

2. The World:
I started with the first Dol-Beta source and db as basis and implemented everyting from there by hand, manually, ingame by commands and directly in the database.
Memorys of the players and Allakhazam were used by me as sources.
It took me ten years until I could say that my db is done, that this server is very pretty advance.
This was not gifted to me, it was a lot of work till now but it will not end here yet.

3. The Players:
Many players are acting like egomaniacs, they think they can play here but do not stick to any rules, they use Porthacks, abuse bugs, every found bug is going to be mercilessly exploited, that is my experience so far.
That is one of the major reasons, why servers and communitys may fall apart.

Of course another reason is the Staff: GMs banning players for no reason or abusing their rights to (for example) give themselves unfair advantages over the other players is an absolute No-Go!
Many players have their own opinion on how to DAoC should be played, they just want to be lvl 50 asap, build their Template and fight on, is that all DAoC can offer ?!
I think quite clearly no! In my opinion, the fun is at first place, the experience in groups, the interaction, the long term joint participation and the social intercourse!
Everyone who thinks like that above, is no true DaoC-player and should look for other games, for example Ego-Shooters.

That is just my opinion, but the game was played just like that.
Everyone played together, not against another, no competition in the same Realm, everyone respected each other, no switching between each realm (I do not start about Cluster).

I never misbehaved in the forums, I think.
That is exactly how I want to be respected by you.

Whoever got problems with me, shall feel free to contact me to discuss about it, but not just behind my back - I absolutely hate that.
My English is bad - I know that! - but that is not my fault.
I learned it by myself, learning by doing.
I am not the youngest one in here, there were no real purpose to speak english that much as now in germany in 1966; There was no Internet then.

I am a television technician/engineer, I worked hard at learning c# to understand the dol source. I have been very diligent at doing so and I would count myself to the advanced programmers, if I may say so.

I often tried to help the Dol-Team, but my ideas were declined to ignored frequently, I added code fixes directly to the dol source, for the Dol-Team, but I never got any appreciation or compensation from dol.
There are people who fix some things in the dol-db, speak better english than myself, upload those and get promoted to the Dol-Supporting group.
I find it very questionable and unfair to me, that should be reconsidered - discussed - without being intrusive.

My project cost much time and money, I never forced anyone to pay for my costs.
Many do not understand the reasoning why someone need to close a server. But a project of this size requires some resets over the years so the servers can receive technical improvement.
For example to fix prior errors like some having way too much gold or removing of custom items, too much progress, wrong approaches, etc. pp.

Of course I had quite some players who wanted to contribute and help me, I am grateful for that!
Problems is: some want to help or even become a GM but have a complete other perception about DAoC than me.
There were many GMs in those years, some were really good, among others: Galatriel, Narf and Blaubirne to whom I am very grateful and still good friends:)
But the most of them gave me more work than good and some even digusted some players from the server using their idiosyncratic behavior and hurt the server by doing so.

Over the years I have been hospitalized quite often and could not pay enough attention to the server and community as much as it deserved.
The last time I had a strok, the last server was very neglected due to that and it got too stressful for me.
At the moment I am fine again and I hope my health situation will be fine in the future, I am saying that so you understand my recent actioning and wrong presumptions are cleared!

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Titel: Recent Changes - Actual Changes Erstellt von: Fratzenschneider

ML10 fixes:

Corrected Item Stats and Procs renamed Duplicates to Old Item call Gm for Exchange.

Added missing Items like Scythe of the Swarms.

Removed Duplicates from ML 10 mob lootlist and added the drops only to those ML 10 mobs that should really drop em.

Fixed ML10 BP Merchant and reduced the item Prices and sorted items for easier navigation.

Fixed all Legendaries Proc and Stat wise. Removed the Possibility to SC em with more then 3 SC Gems. Made em level 51 to correct their Imbue Points. (These Changes dont apply retroactivly)
Hib Legendary Piercers now have an Speed.

Fixed the Item level for all Level 51 Hibernian Weaponcraftrecipies.

Added the Level 51 Crafted Claws in Hibernia.

Added + Mauler Staff Sc Jewels in Midgard

Corrected Sigil Cloth Stiched Jesterhat in Albion it now have Acuity Cap Bonus as it should have.


Added missing Dragonsworn Camp in Cornwall (Albion)

Added missing Dragonsworn named Audosa in Skona Ravine
Camp (Midgard)

Added Dragonsworn Colonel Cloak to Audosa (Mid) Buanif (Hib) Althea Kennicot (Alb) lootlist

Added Dragonsworn General Cloak to Darmeu Beccaoi (Hib) Field Marshall Debora Argall (Alb) Rolveir (Mid) lootlist

Fixed Item Stats and Procs on Dragon drops and Dragonscale Merchant items.

Removed Outdated Classic/Shrouded Isle Dragon Drops from Main Dragons in each Realm

Added Dragonbane Weapons and added em to Kuz (Alb) Azure Dora (Hib) Streya (Mid) in the Dragonzone Humanoid Towns.

Added Grimspound in Albion (Humanoid Town).

Added Missing Mob Midar and its drops in Valley of Bri Leith (Hibernia).

Arlan has been missing and has been added to Agramon.

Added Adept Belt of the Vigilant to Magnus Alfra Lootlist couse it was impossible to obtain it.

Added Quartermasters to Starting Towns that sell level 9 Amor (Weapons are gonna be added later)

Girdle of Thunder has been corrected it now have 2 Style Damage as supposed.

Harbinger of Springs Lootlist got corrected due to that high chance on pants the loot dint worked proper and the drop chance on the juwelry drops has been slightly incrased.

The Jewel of the Harbinger has been removed from Harbinger of Springs couse its not related to it. Its meant to be an drop from Harbinger of Lilith. The Gem of Harbinger stays on Harbinger of Springs lootlist couse its meant to be related to it.

Darkness Falls:

Field Marshall Nebir and his 2 Demon Dogs has been added.

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