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 Betreff des Beitrags: Brotherland Server Rulesset english/englisch (v.1.02)
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Version 1.02

  1. Addition to Basic article:
    • §3.1 If is not obeyed the directions of the game administration, appropriate action is taken.
    • §3.2 Every Gamemaster / Administrator is authorized to issue instructions to the players in the game.
    • §3.3 Gamemaster are all equal, only the Administrator of Brotherland is authorized to issue them.
    • §3.4 The game supervisor will not discuss fixed rules and instructions.
    • §4.1 The game management distanced itself from any kind of cheating, applied no matter by what means. The entire game administration believes that any kind of fraud is no space on the server.
    • §4.2 The game management will pull out all the stops to keep the game mode to maintain a fair and non cheating. Any fraud will be investigated and everyone will be properly punished hard.
    • §4.3 The game management is not obliged their decisions / punishments to justify or discuss actions.
    • §4.4 The game management is committed to list all the penalties taken part in a special forum, that registered users can see it.
    • §4.5 The decisions of the game management need to incidents no burden of proof, because it has the authority and is committed to handle each case neutral and to study diligently.
    • §4.6 An explanation / presentation of the investigative methods of fraud incidents by the game management does not occur.
    • §4.7 If the game management, will be reporteda a case of fraud by players, you must have a proof of the accusation added (in most cases, a meaningful game screenshot). Only this proof is the game management after the fall. The evidence is required by game management to avoid the possibility of a denunciation of disapproval / to its own advantage.
    • §4.8 The game management does not accept statements from players or third parties as evidence or to rebut an incident.
    • §4.9 It is omitted to subject the game management that it treats individual players better than others and / or give them especially under the arms (both in PvM , and in RvR). Further, it is to refrain from criticizing the game management, even in the game to cheat or be involved in any incidents of fraud to any of them have advantages.
    • §4.10 All offensive players of the game managament will be punished immediately and hard.
    • §5.1 The game management is fair to all realms. They preferred none of the three realms and does not contribute to decision of imperial struggles (this applies to the activity of the specific Gamemaster-/Adminaccounts) . Participation in the game takes place with their separate player accounts.
    • §5.2 The game management is fair to all players. No one is preferred or particularly supported by the game administration, neither in RvR, even in PVE. All players are getting the same treatment (this also applies to punishments .
    • §6.1 The use and validity of the rules extends to the server forum. For this purpose, in particular the name-, behavior-, chat-, and communications regulations must be observed.
    • §9 The game management encourages all players, not their account information to go on to third parties.
    • §9.1 Each player is responsible for its own accounts and characters, even if third parties have played these accounts and have violated the rules.

  2. Addition to Name convention:
    • §1.1 The same as in § 3 applies to surnames.

  3. Addition to Rules for PvM:
    • §14.1 The use of bad character, item values or skills is considered Bugusing and can be punished by the game management

  4. Addition to Rules for PvP / RvR:
    • §2.1 The same applies to the ML10 Dungeon called "Celestius "
    • §11.1 The messages via the designated column in Brotherland Server forum.
    • §13 Wrong character values and skills to post in the server forum in the subcategories of bugs. Questions / Comments / complaints of this nature to the game management by send are to be omitted.
    • §13.1 The use of bad character, item values or skills and siege weapons is considered Bugusing and can be punished by the game management.
Brother Land Staff hat geschrieben:
Regardless of all additions to the game line will remain the rules of version 1.0. All extensions to the original version is intended to complement and connect with their publication. Changes only the direction of the game server Brotherland reserved.

Brotherland Staff, 28.11.2010

"Ein Schmeichler lebt auf Unkosten dessen, der ihm zuhört."
Charles Batteux (1713-1780)

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