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Server Rules:

1. Multiloging is allowed: but only in PVE Zones and max 2 Charcters!
For open RvR Zones: Only one charter at time!
If you do RvR action, your BB must stay at the borderkeep!

2. Please Don't camp on the ML10 Entrance!
3. Account sharing is not allowed and can result in a ban!
4. Don't use fly, radar or porthack on this Server, we can all forms detect.

For open RvR Zones: Are only one charcter at time is allowed!
For pve farming you can use your own BB but only one and only for PVE action!

You can have two own accounts but don't create more than two accs or we disable them!

Most New Frontiers Keeps and Towers are disabled, we need first more players and they must be level 50.
Use: /Language set DE for german and EN english, FR for france.

General Infos:

1. We have sighly reduced XP and group bonusses for the final server version,
we which to use the complete content of the server, we do not change this rates for no reasons but if there are bugs.
2. Pet melee damage has bean decreased and mob melee damage has bean a bit increased.
3. Class Valkyrie: Balance changes: we have remove followig Abilitys from this class - Charge and Avoiddance of Magic.
4. Charge abilitys have now a minium recast time of 5 minutes at last skill level.
5. We have removed all custom content like santa, big and reward stones.

6. Houses: you must now pay rent, pay them or you lost all.
One account can now only one house create!

Siege procs are work now right on keep walls, doors and structures only.

We have reworked some class abilitys: Abilitys like Shadowstrike stealth level 35, Guard I-III will now hide from skills if the skill is not on ability level.

Armsman, Hero and Warrior can now use scale, chain and large shields at level 5.

Lastest and generell changes and bugfixes:

07.05.17 1. damage Resist rates are now sigthy reduced.
Casters do now more damage in PVE at level 1-13 and is now linear from 1-50.
Guild XP-bonus is now right 5%!
The final resist rate patch & MHB proc patch is now life.

The Herald for the server can be found at your dol-portal description, the housing map work too:)

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